Inform Yourself Before Choosing Tile

“We recently replaced all our tile, hardwood floors and refinished the staircase. Our project manager along with the crews were excellent to work with. They were professional, courteous, and worked continuously to get the job done. We are completely satisfied customers and love the finished product.”

-Amazing Hardwood Floor’s Customer

Tile is a classic and beautiful way to add style to your home. With hundreds of options and applications available, you are certain to find the perfect tile for your home. Tile can be used in a variety of spaces, including floors in your home, backsplashes, and most commonly in the bathroom. Tiling is an art form that can be modified to meet your needs from as simple as changing the color of the grout, to completely renovating your walls and shower space; the customization is endless. Tile comes in different compositions depending on the manufacturer but commonly comes in porcelain or ceramic. Ceramic tiles are kiln-fired at a lower temperature, are more porous, and are often more economically produced. However, newer manufacturers have been able to replicate some of the higher qualities of a porcelain tile in a ceramic tile to maintain quality and affordability. Porcelain tile is composed of refined clay and other elements to be hardier and provide greater durability than traditional ceramic tile. Unglazed or full-bodied tiles also have color through to their core making them more resistant to chipping and revealing the material underneath. Whatever style of tile you choose, we recommend having one of our skilled sales representatives to come and take a look at your space to give you a detailed, free estimate on your tiling project.

-Tile Samples in showroom

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